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Advocate and Legal Services


Legal services for business
Economic disputes of any complexity
A team of experienced business lawyers with many years of practice in resolving economic disputes, representing clients in economic courts and in the Supreme Court, provides the following services:
  • conducting a legal analysis of the judicial prospects of the dispute with a view to determining the solvency of the debtor with advocacy requests.
  • assessing the quality and completeness of the evidence base, building a strategy of behavior in court;
  • preparation of the claim and representation of the interests of the principal in court proceedings;
  • enforcement of a judicial act.
Legal counseling on conducting business
Legal support of business
Legal support of foreign economic activity


Consulting services for business
Compulsory enforcement of judicial acts
Services for the enforcement of judicial acts include:
  • complaint about the inaction of officials responsible for the the enforcement of judicial acts to the court, the prosecutor's office and other state bodies;
  • representation of the legal interests of the Claimant and the Debtor in the enforcement proceedings;
  • identification of the debtor's liquid property.
Registration, liquidation, bankruptcy
Cadastral issues
Identification of the reliability of the partner and the counterparty
Develop strategies for startups
Compensation for demolition

The legal compass of Uzbekistan

This book is positioned as an instruction for use or a practical guide to solve the problems arising among the entrepreneur or a practicing lawyer providing services as a business lawyer.
It contains advices from legal practice - a long-term practice of providing legal assistance to business people in solving their problems arising in the process of doing business.
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