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Advocate and Legal Services

Economic disputes of any complexity

A team of experienced business lawyers with many years of practice in resolving economic disputes, representing clients in economic courts and in the Supreme Court, provides the following services:

  • conducting a legal analysis of the judicial prospects of the dispute with a view to determining the solvency of the debtor with advocacy requests.
  • assessing the quality and completeness of the evidence base, building a strategy of behavior in court;
  • preparation of the claim and representation of the interests of the principal in court proceedings;
  • enforcement of a judicial act.

Legal support of business

Legal service of business as a legal department includes:

  • legal support of registration/re-registration of business, business operations, optimization of taxation;
  • protection of interests in disputes with tax, customs, other state bodies, commercial organizations;
  • protection of interests in the disputes of founders, representation of interests at meetings of participants (shareholders);
  • protection of interests in the process of liquidation and bankruptcy, representation of interests at meetings of creditors;
  • support for obtaining licenses, opinions, commission and registration of real estate transactions, transactions under currency control;
  • preparation of various legal documents, constituent documents, partnership agreements.

Legal support of foreign economic activity:

Our team provides the following services in the field of foreign economic activity:
  • opening of the Representative office of a foreign legal entity;
  • opening of a foreign company, a joint venture, a legal entity with the participation of foreign capital on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan;
  • obtaining Permission (license) for the company to attract foreign labor in the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • Obtaining a confirmation of the right to work of foreign citizens in the territory of Uzbekistan;
  • develop and expertise the export and import contracts.

Consulting services for business

Compulsory enforcement of judicial acts

Services for the enforcement of judicial acts include:

  • complaint about the inaction of officials responsible for the the enforcement of judicial acts to the court, the prosecutor's office and other state bodies;
  • representation of the legal interests of the Claimant and the Debtor in the enforcement proceedings;
  • identification of the debtor's liquid property.

Registration, liquidation, bankruptcy

Services for registration and re-registration of a legal entity include:

  • preparation of minutes of meetings of participants, the decision of the owner, the transaction for the sale of shares of acts of acceptance and transfer of property to the authorized capital, certificate, formation of the authorized fund, etc.
  • Preparation of constitutional documents (Charter, Memorandum of Association);
  • consultation on registration or re-registration (increase/ decrease of the authorized fund reorganization of the legal entity).

Services in the procedures of voluntary liquidation of a legal entity:

  • preparation of necessary documents for voluntary liquidation for submission to the registration authorities;
  • Preparation of a decision on voluntary liquidation;
  • consultation in case of voluntary liquidation of a business entity.

Services in bankruptcy proceedings of a legal entity:

  • preparation of necessary documents in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • legal support in bankruptcy proceedings;
  • advice on issues arising in bankruptcy.

Cadastral issues

When deciding to start construction, many questions arise, the answers to which are usually sought by interviewing people who have already faced this problem and often in order to solve these questions, seek the services of intermediaries who are ready to help in an informal way. Accordingly, there is a risk of running into unscrupulous dealers. Therefore, in order to minimize the risks, we recommend that you contact professionals. Applying to us, you will receive not only answers to questions, but also methods of their solution:

  • issues of unauthorized buildings and unauthorized seizure of land;
  • receipt of allotment land;
  • obtaining a building permit;
  • realization of transactions with real estate;
  • legal audit of real estate transactions;
  • compensation for demolition;
  • obtaining a decision on the ownership of the receipt of the act of state acceptance of commissioning;
  • obtaining documents of ownership of the cottage construction.

Identification of the reliability of the partner and the counterparty

Verification of the partner and the counterparty on good faith is possible through the use of a set of measures that will help to determine the integrity of the partner.
To identify the reliability of the partner and the counterparty, we will perform a number of activities:

  • checking the existence of arrears, prohibitions, data on founders, registrations of a legal entity, the amount of the authorized fund, etc
  • legal requests to the state bodies, allowing to identify the presence of arrears, loans, property, data on the founders.

Develop strategies for startups

Nowadays many people are thinking about their own business, whether it's a cafe, the production of designer clothes or handmade accessories. If you know the startup strategy, then it's easier to start a business, and most importantly, our company will help you develop a legal strategy for a startup including:

  • legal audit of the proposed start-up strategy;
  • identification of legal risks;
  • recommendations for minimizing risks;
  • optimization of taxes.

Compensation for demolition

It is not rare that Khokimiyats make decisions on seizure of land plots and buildings are demolished without sufficient legal grounds. For example, according to the legislation, the demolition of real estate can be carried out only by agreement of the parties after providing the owner with compensation, but in practice it often happens that demolition is carried out without solving the issue of compensation. When working with us you will get solutions on the following issues:

  • determining the type and amount of compensation for demolition;
  • receiving compensation for demolition in pre-trial or judicial proceedings;
  • protection against illegal demolition (suspension or prohibition of demolition).

The legal compass of Uzbekistan

This book is positioned as an instruction for use or a practical guide to solve the problems arising among the entrepreneur or a practicing lawyer providing services as a business lawyer.
It contains advices from legal practice - a long-term practice of providing legal assistance to business people in solving their problems arising in the process of doing business.

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